Tree Surgery in Kent

For the best Tree Surgery in Kent with over 25 years’ experience, you can be sure of a wealth of knowledge and a professional service. We cover all aspects of tree surgery and garden maintenance.

Tree Felling

Trees can be removed by either straight fells or by sectionally felling using lowering and rigging techniques. Straight fells will be carried out where there is no risk to any property or persons. Sectional felling will be carried out in confined spaces. We also use this technique where there is risk of damage to property or persons hence dismantling the tree in sections.

Crown Reduction and Reshaping

Crown Reduction is the process of reducing the size of the trees overall canopy by shortening the branches evenly throughout the crown. This can involve reshaping an unbalanced crown leaving the tree with a symmetrical canopy.  Click here to read more……….

Crown Lifting and Thinning

Crown Lifting and Thinning are alternatives to crown reductions to allow more light into your garden whilst retaining the natural shape of the tree. Crown lifting removes the lower branches of the tree whereas crown thinning removes selected smaller branches from within the crown.  Click here to read more……..


Pollarding is a system of heavy pruning removing all upper most branches to keep a tree to a
predetermined height.

Dead Wooding

Dead wooding involves removing dead, dying, dangerous, damaged and diseased branches. This is a natural process for any tree. All work carried out is to BS3998:2010. The purpose of dead wooding is to make the tree safe directly under the crown.


To encourage healthy growth and flowering of trees and plants, pruning correctly is essential. For example, Magnolia trees must be pruned after the first flowering in Spring to reduce the likelihood of infection by pest and disease whereas normal fruit trees, for example Apple or Pear, must be pruned mid-Winter.

Hedge Trimming and Reduction

Hedges of varying species require individual care.  We need to ensure they are trimmed correctly and at the right time of the year. Some hedges may only need trimming once a year but others may require more care seasonally.

Garden Maintenance / Tidying

No garden is too big or small, we cover them all. Every aspect of garden maintenance carried out including lawn care, borders and shrubbery, planting including trees, weed control and treatment. Click here to read more…..

Tree Bracing

Cable bracing is carried out using modern bracing techniques to make safe damaged or weakened limbs.

Garden Clearance / Ground Preparation

Full garden and site clearances can be carried out and all arisings removed. We can strim, remove invasive plants and prepare soil before renewel of space.

Tree Reports / Assessments

Aerial and ground assessments of trees carried out for insurance purposes. Diagnosis of possible pest and disease in trees and plants also undertaken.

Maintenance Contracts

All types of maintenance services available including weekly garden maintenance to annual tree care. Click here to read more……..

24 Hour Emergency Call Out

During severe weather conditions trees can become damaged and in some cases unstable. I offer a 24 Hour call out service including fallen branches, removal of damaged limbs and removal of fallen trees. Click here to read more…….

Emergency Telephone No. 01227 636753

We work in partnership with Checkatrade and Kent County Council and are approved by Trading Standards to carry out all tree surgery in Kent.  We carry out all planning applications for trees within a conservation area or that have a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on them free of charge.  We check every address we visit to quote to see if the property falls within a conservation area or a tree has a TPO placed on it and then advise you how we will proceed.

Approved Tree Surgery in Kent