Crown Lifting and Thinning

The process of crown lifting removes the lower branches of the tree. Crown thinning removes selected smaller branches from within the crown. Both crown lifting and thinning are alternatives to crown reductions.

Crown Lifting

When you cut the lower branches of a tree to a set height to allow more clearance in your garden or from a roadway. Many trees along bus routes are often crown lifted to allow the safe passage of high vehicles.  The principle is the same in gardens so lifting allows you to have space under a tree.

Crown lifting can also be beneficial to a tree if the tree has become too big and cannot get enough moisture up via its roots because it is in a paved area.  The lower branches will become larger and the upper branches smaller and more spindly. By removing the lower limbs you encourage growth into the upper crown.

Crown Thinning

Thinning the crown is when you remove branches from the inner crown of the tree allowing light into your garden whilst retaining the natural shape of the tree.

This a good alternative to a crown reduction and can be more favourable when needing to gain permission for tree works in a conservation area or a tree with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on it. When thinning, we remove epicormic growth and remove 1 in 3 branches in the inner crown.

Crown Lifting

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